Customs Brokerage

With a dedicated in-house Customs team and a direct online link to NZ Customs, we can ensure your freight is handled and processed without unnecessary delays.

In-House Service

Our qualified and experienced Customs team is ready to help streamline your supply chain, reduce delays, and ensure seamless cross-border trade. We understand the importance of ensuring time-critical documentation is processed in the most efficient way, so we continually invest in our tech systems and handling equipment. Our experts are committed to simplifying the Customs clearance process for your shipments, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Our Customs Services include:

Formal Declarations

Tariff Classifications

Tariff Concessions

Duty Drawback

Arrangement of Carnets

MPI Clearance

Temporary Import Entries

Specialised Services

Formal Declarations

Formal declarations are required for goods exceeding a certain value or falling under specific categories, as stipulated by the NZ Customs Service. They are subject to detailed scrutiny and must meet all legal requirements and documentation standards. We can manage the entire formal declaration process on your behalf.

Tariff Classifications

We accurately classify your imported goods under specific codes or categories using the NZ Customs Tariff and International Harmonized System (HS). These codes determine the duty rates, taxes, and regulatory requirements applicable to each product. The correct tariff classification is essential for proper Customs clearance and tariff payment.

Tariff Concessions

Certain imported goods can be subject to lower or zero Customs duties. These special approvals are typically granted for specific purposes, industries, or situations by the NZ Customs Service. We can help you to identify qualifying goods and apply for appropriate tariff concessions (also known as Customs duty exemptions or reductions}.

Duty Drawback

We can recover Customs duties previously paid on imported goods when those goods are subsequently exported or used in certain manufacturing processes for exportation. Reduce your import costs and improve competitiveness with our accurate eligibility assessment, document management, claim submission and duty recovery.

Arrangement Of Carnets

We can arrange ATA Carnets for your goods, ensuring that all necessary details are correctly documented. They serve as a passport to simplify the temporary importation and re-exportation of goods for various purposes, such as trade shows, exhibitions, or professional equipment. This allows them to move in and out of countries without the need for Customs duties and taxes.

MPI Clearance

MPI clearance ensures compliance with NZ’s strict biosecurity and food safety regulations. Typically agricultural products, food, animals, plants, and other biosecurity-sensitive items are regulated by the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries.  We can assess your goods to advise if they require MPI clearance, help prepare documentation, coordinate with MPI authorities to expedite the process and advise on compliance to help you avoid potential penalties.

Temporary Import Entries

If you temporarily bring goods into New Zealand for specific purposes, such as exhibitions, repairs, testing, or use in a project, temporary Import entries allow you to do so without paying full Customs duties and taxes. You must, however, comply with complex conditions and obligations. We can assist with assessment, document preparation, compliance, periodic reporting, bond management and assist with re-export. 

Andrew Cornish, Customers Broker, Famous Pacific Shipping (NZ)


Our experienced Customs brokerage team is dedicated to providing you with the guidance and support needed to navigate the intricacies of compliance and duties, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with confidence.

Andrew Cornish heads up our Customs team. With over 40 years of experience in Customs brokerage, Andrew can assist with all your Customs queries.

Client Testimonials

Before you make a decision, read what our customers are saying about us.

Five star review

All of my dealings with Famous Pacific Shipping are great. Communication is the key to good service and these guys get 10 out of 10 from me.

Keep up the great work Anu and FPS. 

Bluey Spiteri, Harvey Norman

Five star review

Famous Pacific Shipping NZ has been our chosen Freight Forwarder since beginning our business a few years ago. Anu has always been more than helpful in assisting us with any requests and needs. We are always pleased with the quality of customer service we receive at Famous Pacific Shipping and would recommend them to anyone with freight forwarding requirements.

Hadleigh Vernall, Blank Art

Five star review

We have been using Famous Pacific Shipping since 2015. We have always received the best service. Rates are highly competitive and staff friendly and efficient.

Lee Woolley is one of their greatest assets and has always impressed with professionalism and excellent customer service.

Great communication is a welcome strength and eliminates the hassle of chasing updates. Thank you Famous Pacific Shipping. After 8 years, you are still one of our preferred forwarders handling the majority of our imports.

Heather Phillips, Simpro, Takanini

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