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Famous Pacific Shipping is your trusted partner for project cargo shipping services. We offer reliable and efficient freight forwarding solutions for all your project cargo needs. Whether you’re dealing with oversized or out-of-gauge equipment, delicate machinery, complex logistics or time-sensitive shipments, our dedicated team ensures a seamless shipping experience.

Project cargo loading by crane

Why Choose FPS?

Specialists: We are project cargo specialists, shipping heavy machinery, construction equipment, industrial materials, and more. Our team is well acquainted with the unique requirements of these shipments, ensuring safe and timely delivery.

Global Network: As a member of Largo+, we are part of an international network of worldwide freight forwarders with demonstrated expertise in project cargo. These connections mean we can confidently provide seamless project cargo logistical management, regardless of origin and destination.

Customised Solutions: Every project is unique so we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team works closely with you to devise the most efficient and cost-effective shipping plan. Especially where a shipment has time sensitivity that impacts the operational and financial outcomes of its logistical movement.

Expert Team: Our freight forwarders have extensive experience handling project cargo. Their relationships with ocean and air carriers, stevedores, fumigators, cleaning facilities, crane and heavy haulage operators are well established. They handle complex logistics challenges and ensure smooth coordination throughout the shipping process.

Quality and Safety: We prioritise safety and quality. We use state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to international shipping standards, ensuring your cargo arrives in pristine condition.

Our Project Cargo Services include:

Project Planning

End-To-End Freight forwarding

Specialised Equipment

Route Optimisation

Temperature Controlled

Bulk Break

Export Insurance

Onsite Freight Station

Warehousing & Storage

Customs Clearance

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Specialised Services

Planning Your Project

We assist in the early stages of project planning, providing insights and suggestions for the most suitable shipping methods based on your cargo’s characteristics and destination.

End-To-End Freight Forwarding

From documentation and customs clearance to cargo handling and delivery, we can manage the entire supply chain process efficiently.

Booking Required Equipment

We will arrange any specialised equipment required to facilitate your shipment, including cranes, flat racks, and open-top containers. Our full-service approach ensures that we can handle any project cargo.

Optimising Your Route

We optimise shipping routes to minimise transit times and reduce costs while also considering any regional or international restrictions.

Temperature Controlled

We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods. Our temperature-controlled freight services ensure your perishable or sensitive cargo is transported under optimal conditions.

Bulk Break (BBK)

If you are transporting large goods that are not suitable for container shipping, they can be shipped in crates, bags, boxes, drums or barrels. Our expert team will take extra care during loading onto the ship.

Export Insurance

Export credit insurance (ECI) protects exporters against the risk of non-payment by a foreign buyer. Our knowledgable team can arrange competitively priced third-party insurance for you.

Onsite Freight Station

Our onsite freight station handles all packing and unpacking. It is approved for foodstuffs, dairy & non-dairy, dangerous goods, and motor vehicles.

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer exporters secure warehousing and storage solutions to accommodate project cargo until it’s ready for shipment.

For import, a three business-day layover from unpack to uplift is standard but we can accommodate additional storage, just ask us if you need more time.

Customs Clearance

With a dedicated and experienced in-house Customs team and a direct online link to NZ Customs, we can ensure your project cargo is handled and processed without unnecessary delays ensuring timely clearance and delivery.

Industry Expertise


As those experienced in project and time-critical cargo will know, commercial experience makes the difference. Ask our team members for more information about their extensive experience working with the following industries:

Pulp and paper - both air and sea consignments

Defence work

Oil and gas

Civil and mining



Andrew Wright, Business Development Manager, Famous Pacific Shipping (NZ)

Contact us today for a quote to get your next project cargo shipment underway. Ask for Andrew Wright, our Business Development Manager who has over 35 years of experience working with project cargo.

Client Testimonials

Before you make a decision, read what our customers are saying about us.

Five star review

We highly recommend the team at Famous Pacific Shipping, their experience and knowledge when it comes to clearance and forwarding are invaluable, making the job easy and efficient.

Andrew Wiltshire, Operations Manager – Commercial Metals Manufacturer, Auckland

Long and low containerised project cargo on a truck at the port
Project cargo ready for loading
Project cargo in cradle ready for loading
Project cargo (boat) suspended in midair for loading
Project cargo

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