Our seafreight solutions seamlessly connect your cargo to destinations across the globe. Our comprehensive range of services, combined with our extensive network of partners, ensures that your goods reach their destination safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Our Seafreight Facility is Approved For:


Dairy and Non-dairy

Dangerous Goods

Motor Vehicles

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Why Choose FPS?

Global Reach, Local Expertise: With a deep understanding of New Zealand’s trade requirements, we provide seafreight solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we leverage our local expertise to navigate international waters and deliver a smooth shipping experience.

Diverse Shipping Options: We offer a variety of seafreight options to suit your specific cargo requirements. Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments, Break Bulk (BBK) and Roll-On, Roll-Off  (RORO) services. Our flexible services allow you to optimise costs and transit times.

Reliability and Accountability: The safety of your cargo is our top priority so 24-hour surveillance cameras operate in our depot. We ensure that your goods are securely loaded, transported, and delivered on time. Our advanced tracking systems provide real-time updates, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire shipping process.

Customs / MPI Compliance: Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) regulations can be daunting. Our experienced team specialises in customs clearance, documentation, and compliance, making sure your cargo smoothly sails through borders and ports.

Sustainability: As stewards of the environment and active members of Reversemi we are committed to sustainable shipping practices. Our efforts to reduce emissions and minimise our ecological footprint align with the UN’s Agenda 2030 goals for Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action and Life Below Water.

Our Seafreight Services Include:

Full Container Load (FCL)

Less than Container Load (LCL) Consolidation

Break Bulk Shipments (BBK)

Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO)

Triangle Shipments

Export Insurance

Specialised Cargo Handling

Onsite Container Freight Station

Door to Door Solutions

Temperature Controlled

Customs Clearance

Warehousing & Distribution

Seafreight Accreditations

RMP (Risk Management Program)

MPI High Risk Facility

MPI ATF Approved

Customs Controlled Facility

Specialised Seafreight Services

Full Container Load (FCL)

Ideal for larger shipments, FCL provides dedicated use of a container, ensuring optimal security and efficiency for your goods. Our FCL volume is in excess of 13,000 TEU pa.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

For smaller shipments, LCL allows you to share container space with other shippers, providing cost-effective shipping solutions without compromising quality Our LCL volume is in excess of 12,000 CBM pa.

Break Bulk (BBK)

If you are transporting large goods that are not suitable for container shipping, they can be shipped in crates, bags, boxes, drums or barrels. Our expert team will take extra care during loading onto the ship.

Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO)

We use Pure Car Carriers (PCC) and Pure Truck & Car Carriers (PCTC) for vehicles that can be driven onto and off the ship; a fast and efficient method for this type of cargo.

Triangle Shipments

If you buy goods from a factory located in a different country and you are selling the same goods to an importer – you have 3 countries and 3 parties involved in your shipment. We issue a bill of lading for each transaction, so everything runs smoothly.

Export Insurance

Export credit insurance (ECI) protects exporters against the risk of non-payment by a foreign buyer. Our knowledgable team can arrange competitively priced third-party insurance for you.

Specialised Cargo Handling

Our expertise extends to oversized, hazardous, and temperature-sensitive freight – Reefer plugins are available at our site. Our team ensures proper packaging, handling, and documentation meets international regulations. We can arrange approved Dangerous Goods inspections and certification at our depot.

Onsite Container Freight Station

Our onsite container freight station handles all packing and unpacking. It is approved for foodstuffs, dairy & non-dairy, dangerous goods, and motor vehicles.

Door To Door Solutions

Our services go beyond the port. We offer seamless door-to-door transportation, including pickup, delivery, and inland transportation, streamlining the entire logistics process.


We understand the importance of preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods. Our temperature-controlled seafreight services ensure your perishable or sensitive cargo is transported under optimal conditions.

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer free secure storage in our depot for LCL export freight until it is loaded.

For import, a three business-day layover from unpack to uplift is standard but we can accommodate additional storage, just ask us if you need more time.

Customs Clearance

With a dedicated and experienced in-house Customs team and a direct online link to NZ Customs, we can ensure your freight is handled and processed without unnecessary delays ensuring timely clearance and delivery.

Industry Expertise


Our industry experience is comprehensive for seafreight services. Talk to our team for more information on our work with your industry.

Food & Beverage (including frozen and dairy)

Retail (general merchandise/white goods)

Airlines (machinery/parts)

Automotive (vehicle parts)

Marine (boat/ship parts)

Construction (tiles/dressed timber/saw accessories/fasteners)

Electrical (heat pumps)

Personal effects/household goods

Dangerous goods (chemicals, flavourings, aerosols, batteries, fireworks)

Hospitality (hotel supplies)

Medical (hospital equipment)

Ashniel Prasad, Fiji Trade Manager, Famous Pacific Shipping

With a 30-year legacy of excellence in freight forwarding, FPS has developed an industry reputation for reliability and innovation.

Contact us today to explore how our seafreight services can elevate your international shipping experience and grow your business. Ashniel Prasad leads our export seafreight team. They are ready to assist you!

Client Testimonials

Before you make a decision, read what our customers are saying about us.

Five star review

FPS is a pleasure to work with. Communication is on point and delivery is on time. The service is consistent with good communication essential in any relationship. Weekly reports on order updates help me to keep our customers informed. This helps to maintain a positive relationship with our customers.

Sally-Ann, Baked Treats Manufacturer, Auckland

Five star review

FPS has always been a highly efficient transport facility for Field Rubber, providing a good, reliable service. When we have an urgent delivery the Customer Services really comes into its own. We get timely feedback and quick turnaround. We feel we are a priority. Everything we ask is catered for. It means that we can keep our customers accurately informed and maintain our reputation as manufacturing suppliers of quality goods that are delivered in a timely manner.

L L Schrempf, Field Rubber Ltd, Auckland

Five star review

I changed to FPS after speaking to a colleague about my frustrations with my freight provider. I had a simple request that could not be met, poor communication and one point of contact.

With FPS, since day one my assigned account manager Anu, has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Fast, accurate and friendly – that’s how I would describe my experience.

From the first introduction onsite with the GM to the helpfulness of the warehouse staff, I could tell FPS had its company values right.

Aaron Gillanders, Speedy Signs Rotorua

Containerised goods for export
Boat on transporter preparing for export
Car in container for export
Cars in container for export
Whiteware in container for export

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