Davide Onnis and Luigi Trojani from Sinergy Cargo

Container Freight Station Visit Milan

Country General Manager Debbie McKenzie and I recently returned from a visit to our Italian partners in Milan and Genoa.

FPS and Euro Italian Freight Systems pack a weekly groupage container for our clients from the central Container Freight Station (CFS) in Milan. It then ships to Auckland from the port of Genoa.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet our partners at their offices in Milan. We were welcomed enthusiastically by Enzo Degliuomini, Managing Director at Euro Italian Freight Systems SRL, and his wife, Carmen. Together, we visited the container freight station, which is only within a few hundred metres of the office. 

A highlight of the visit was the opportunity to take a road trip from Milan down to Genoa. We saw firsthand the journey that our groupage containers take every week from the CFS to the port of departure.


Milan to Genoa

Davide Onnis, my counterpart at Sinergy Cargo (pictured above with Sinergy Managing Partner, Luigi Trojani) collected me from our hotel in Milan. We drove to Genoa, engaging in animated conversation along the highway as we negotiated the numerous container trucks. Although there is a fully functional and efficient rail service from Milan to Genoa, all containers travel to Genoa by truck making it a busy route.

Genoa is a coastal city with a significant commercial port surrounded by many historic buildings and forts. It has a long and illustrious history with many centuries of maritime trade.

Sinergy’s office has an outstanding view of the harbour entrance. We saw an MSC cruise liner leaving the port entrance and a couple of MSC box liners. Genoa is home to MSC’s 15-floor headquarters that stands proudly in the port of Genoa.

My hosts put on a beautiful lunch at a small but busy traditional Italian restaurant. I then returned to Milan by train – a more peaceful and pleasant ride than dodging the container trucks on the motorway!


Weekly Service

If you are interested in learning more about our weekly Italian service from Genoa to Auckland. Don’t hesitate to call me, Andrew Wright, on +6421 383 871 or our Customer Services team on +64 9 275 6878, we have reliable partners and excellent communication to ensure your goods can be handled in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Scroll through our photos below to see some highlights from the trip.

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